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Organized newest to oldest (top to bottom). Hover over images for more info on each project. 

Sheild_App_Sketch copy.jpg

Patterns made in the midst of COVID-19 and the George Floyd protests. Designed to give the wearer anonymity under facial recognition surveillance. 

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Stoll Samples

A collection of my industrially knitted samples, along with inspiration, sketches, and M1Plus renderings of samples I am unable to knit due to


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Finding beauty in death. The end is a new beginning and our bodies nourish the soil for new life to grow and benefit from.   

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"Caged Bird"

Inspired by a dream I had where I was walking around a warehouse and came across cages of blind baby birds. Concept adapted to be a wearable piece.

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All knitted and woven swatches. Explorations of techniques, colors, and ideas. 

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A collection of fabrics applied to garments inspired by fruit forms and the joy of summertime. 

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We Find Ourselves to be Beautiful

A piece about queerness, beauty, and evoking a sense of pride. 

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A piece about the body being affected by sickness. Dervied from the idea of cells being infested and attacked by viruses, this wall piece represents a barrier of healthy cells vanishing, making the surface buckle and become eaten away in areas. 

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nappy - 2.jpg
"Hair Monster"

Growing up with coily hair was a large point of contention within myself as a child, as I often felt sensationalized and othered to an extreme.  I often felt like some kind of animal at a petting zoo. Coming to terms with my hair type has been a long journey, and I often still feel like a toy, but  I am finally able to see the beauty and uniqueness of what I have and this piece was made to highlight that journey. 

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"Bird Rave"

A bird walks into a bar...


What happens when birds start to party? It gets a little crazy, a little psychedelic, a little funky, and feathers are definitely flying. 

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